Way back in January of this year of 2013, I have created my own handy Korean Alphabets chart. Before then, I would write each characters down on a sheet of paper to teach my students. It was very unorganized and it was not that helpful. I looked for Korean Alphabet charts online, but I could not find anything that was satisfying. I wanted to find one that had English pronunciation written underneath each alphabet, but I could not find any.  One day, I thought about how I should create my own Korean Alphabet chart for my students. It took me good two hours to create this chart because I had to think about which style will be most efficient. I was quite satisfied with the final result and I gave them to my students. They were very happy with this well-organized chart, and I was able to see how it helped the students very much. This made me realize how important it is to prepare the teaching materials. With good learning tools, it increased the students’ learning efficiency. I have attached the Korean Alphabet chart I have created on this blog.

Korean Alphabet chart